Note from Sofia: the things on the top of the blankies are pillows.


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  1. Aunt Nancy and Uncle Marty says:

    Sofia –
    We love your new website and look forward to seeing your creative drawings every day. We were also interested to hear that you are a founder of the Rootbeer Club. Your cousin, Dan, was a founder of the Weirdo Club whose official food was guacamole. It also had an official song which club members sang. You might consider that. Do you include other members of the Rootbeer Club in any of your drawings?
    Best of luck on your new blog! We look forward to seeing it!
    Love, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Marty

  2. Peter says:

    Sofia, great job on the blog, we love it! Noelle has a “no parents club” but I don’t have any more information about it because she won’t let me be a member!

    Keep up the great work!

    Love, Uncle Peter, Aunt Melanie and Noelle

  3. Joseph Ripple says:


    Thank you for putting me in one of your pictures!



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