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  1. Mickey and Wendy says:

    Hi Sofia –

    We love your drawings!! They’re very cool and creative.

    We were wondering what kind of baby it is. Can you tell us?

    Wendy and Mickey

  2. grandpa and grandma "york" says:

    Hi, Sofiamia, Your drawing reminds me of a nest of baby alligators Grandpa and I saw when we were in Florida. The babies (6 of them) had recently hatched from their eggs, and their mother very gently lifted them into her mouth and carried them into the water to let them go for a swim, and to acquaint them with their natural habitat. I don’t think the babies had teeth yet, and certainly not the teeth your babies show in the drawing. But thanks for helping grandpa and me remember that fun trip to Florida. Love, G.& P. York

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